January 3, 2017


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✖︎ AirPods

It’s been only six days since I received Apple’s AirPods and they are, by far and away, the best product I’ve purchased in years.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating completely wireless earbuds since first seeing the original Bragi Dash. Although the AirPods are the first completely wireless earbuds I’ve tried, I can’t imagine anything else out there performing on the same level or better.

When it comes to the AirPods, it’s all about the little details. The way it handles knowing whether one, both or neither are actually in your ears is perfect. You can play music using just one of them and it knows to play the music in mono through that single AirPod so you get both the left and right channels of whatever you are listening to. Drop the other one in and it switches over to stereo. Pull an AirPod out of your ear, whether you are listening with one or both, and the music automatically pauses. As someone who typically uses just one earbud when at the office to listen to podcasts, they work exactly how I would naturally want them to work in an ideal world.

The case is perfect too. I haven’t had any issues with battery life, but I will make the caveat that if you are someone that uses earbuds with both in, all day, without ever stopping for thirty minutes at any point, the battery life may be a problem. I don’t think that is the case with 99% of people though. Each AirPod gets around five hours of battery life and the case holds another 24 hours of charge. They charge pretty quickly on top of that. I tend to charge the case most nights but I could easily get more than three days without a charge seeing as most of the time I only use one AirPod and drop it into the case to charge at any point that I stop listening to something.

Already, this is one of my favorite tech products, let alone Apple products, in a very long time. The utility of it far surpasses my Apple Watch. Not since my first iPhone have I been so pleased with any product as a whole with all of it’s little, well thoughtout details.

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