June 1, 2016

A Quick Note

So there are two quick things I wanted to share and then this site will get back to its regularly scheduled programming.

First, my newsletter, Independent Variable Issue #0, went out this morning. That link will take you to it in your browser if you are at all interested to see what it looks like and the kind of stuff that will be in it on a regular basis.

Secondly, and coincidentally, today marked the 300th Grub that I have drawn to date. I’m wary of taking on too much on at once but with the launch of my newsletter and hitting the 300th Grub on the same day, I’ve decided I’m going to try to get back to the daily Grub once again. So that can be found at www.kordumb.xyz/grub and I’m also putting it on Instagram @dumbgrub (starting with 300) as I think that might be a bit easier to continue to upload on a daily basis.

Here is the sign up form again if you would like to get my monthly newsletter.

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