September 9, 2016

Inspiration: Stock and Render

For awhile now, I have been following the graphic designer Matt Mills on Instagram, @stockandrender (see also, his website). It has become a bit of a fascination for me because the designs he has been posting are absolutely stunning. They are just beautiful images without being overly complicated. They catch the eye and hold my interest, especially considering my love for the design world. After Instagram launched it’s Snapchat clone, Stories, Matt started posting process shots, displaying each step in the process along with the apps that he was using for each step. After seeing this, I realized I already owned most of the apps he was using to get a lot of the cool effects in his images.

I decided to give it a shot myself, using Fragment and Mextures on top of an image that I had recently taken when I went camping at Starved Rock.

This was a start. It was easy to do and resulted in a small amount of gratification. From there it spiraled. I added other apps to my arsenal, resulting in an entire page of apps that we’re all dedicated to making these types of graphic design images. Some of them even started to turn out pretty cool.

To make things even better, I discovered that Matt offered free graphical assets in the form of overlays to use in images like these. This sent me down another rabbit hole of using a bunch of his overlays to come up with more unique looking images.

Lastly, from there I started using Assembly to make some of my own shapes and images to use as the centerpiece in my designs. Granted, they are nothing compared to the overlays that Matt gives away on his site, but you can still come up with some pretty cool stuff on your own if you play around with it long enough.

This all escalated pretty quickly. All in all, within the span of a week I ended up with fifty different images (and counting) and decided I needed a place to keep them. So I started @dumbgraphics as the new home of these Stock and Render inspired images. Between my daily grub and attempting to do one of these images everyday, I should be keeping myself pretty busy and have an outlet for some artistic creativity for the foreseeable future.


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