January 5, 2015

How to read more

Austin Kleon:

If you aren’t enjoying a book or learning from it, stop reading it immediately. (Flinging it across the room helps give closure.)

This is the best tip I could ever give to read more. It wasn’t until last year that I finally began tossing books if they didn’t grab me and ever since I’ve been a little more happy with my reading pace.

I don’t subscribe to New Year Resolution’s because I think they are pretty pointless. However, reading Is always something I want to do more of, even when I am reading a lot.

Reading a bad book means you’ll do anything in your power to avoid picking it up. This means you’ll continue to do other things and never get to the better books waiting on the shelf.

And lets be honest, who doesn’t love to toss a crappy book across the room.


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