October 5, 2016

✖︎ Evolution of ✖︎

History of logos.History of logos.

I started Kordumb two years ago and in that time I’ve had two1 different logos. All in all, I’m pretty happy where I’ve wound up today with the third. Each previous version of the ✖︎ lasted about a year but I have a feeling the most recent rendition may last a little bit longer.

The original ✖︎ was skinnier, slanted, and angled down. It served a purpose when it sat under the website name but in an effort to clean up, I decided to go with just the ✖︎ and no site title.

After incorporating the actual ✖︎ icon into my permalink within each post and the title of longer pieces, I figured it was time to incorporate it into the logo as well. So I went from the angled logo to an enlarged version of the icon.

I’ve talked a little bit about the move from Squarespace to Blot already with the big loss in that transition being the ease of an appealing design. Another aspect of Squarespace was their logo creator. With the loss of their logo creator, I wanted to develop something I’d have more control of rather than an icon their editor was just coloring.

Making a simple ✖︎ logo is relatively easy so I used the iOS app Assembly to churn one out but I wanted something that would look a little different and symbolize the move to Blot and the third year of writing this site. So I made the ✖︎ fatter. That’s it. Just an ✖︎ with thicker lines.

  1. The original logo actually had the site name, but the ✖︎ was the same.

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