August 29, 2016

The Move to Blot

There are a lot of things to love about Squarespace (or Medium). They gave me the ability to make a really good looking site with very little to actually do myself.

I’ve always found their iOS app to post to the site cumbersome though. As I’ve fallen away from writing and doing more with the site, I found myself actively avoiding using the app. The problem is, almost everything I do is on my iPad and iPhone so a disconnect happened where I just didn’t make time for writing, which I really enjoyed doing.

Then one morning, reading The Modern Desk newsletter from Kai Branch, of Offscreen magazine, I discovered a web hosting service that uses Dropbox as the main tool for managing and posting. This allows me to use Ulysses to write and post with relative ease.

This isn’t to say is perfect for me. I’m sacrificing a lot in the switch, mainly the design ascetic that I loved with my Squarespace blog. I’m completely illiterate when it comes to CSS.

Through the next few months, I’ll be tweaking and adjusting what I can as I learn a little bit here and there. Hopefully, the look won’t be terrible but it should improve as time goes on. What is important is that I have minimal obstacles in getting words written and then posted to the site. I believe is the solution to this.

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