October 10, 2016

► Trailers Vol. 1

This is a trial run of a new reoccurring series based on trailers for upcoming movies and television shows. It won’t always include the newest or best trailers, but the trailers that have some intrigue and relevance at any given time.

Power Rangers

To lead things off, I came across these two tweets from writer Max Landis, probably known most as the writer of the movie Chronicle.

At first, I assumed he was being hyperbolic with his take on the new trailer for Power Rangers but after watching it, it is an exact rip-off of Chronicle, which is just really sad.


This next trailer was exceptionally well done. It doesn’t hit so much on plot points but more so on tone and emotion. It stars Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy and gave me goosebumps the whole way through.

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick was a movie that I had absolutely no interest in after its initial trailer but ended up watching through some streaming platform at some point and was actually really impressed. I got the same initial feeling from this trailer as I did for the original trailer but hopefully Chapter 2 goes on to exceed expectations as well.

Get Out

Horror movies aren’t really movies I tend to gravitate towards but after watching this trailer I think Get Out will put Jordan Peele on the map as more than just a comedic talent. It looks smartly written and brings some of the real issues this country is facing in terms of race to the forefront.


Lastly, the trailer for the new FX/Marvel show, Legion looks really cool. I don’t really have much more to say than that but it comes from Noah Hawley, who also did the Fargo television series.

Update: According to SlashFilm, Jermaine Clement has been added to the cast of Legion, which already includes Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza.

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